Mwonzora’s end is nigh: Analysts

Albert Chavhunduka

Analysts have warned that the formation of Chamisa’s new party will be the iceberg that will sink Mwonzora’s “directionless’ political ship.

MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora’s continued call for a national dialogue through the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) is a high sounding nothing and will not deter his renegade faction from sinking into political abyss, analysts has said.

Barely a day after Chamisa announced his new party Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), Mwonzora released a statement on Wednesday, calling for a push towards national dialogue that is centered on the people and not party interests.

Speaking to Review and Mail, political analyst and author Professor Ibbo Mandaza downplayed his utterances and said Mwonzora’s faction is soon going to be history.

“I think it is fair to conclude that with the recent developments that have seen Chamisa and his group re-emerge as the eye of the storm of the opposition movement in Zimbabwe. Mwonzora and his faction are indeed a POLAD project, are dead in the water,” said Professor Mandaza.

Professor Mandaza added that the upcoming by-elections due to be held on March 26 will the last nail on the coffin for Mwonzora.

“The by-elections on 26 March are likely to mark the burial of Mwonzora and POLAD and thereby placing ZANU-PF and Emerson Mnangagwa in particular, in the most invidious of situation,” he said.

Another analyst, Pride Mkono weighed in adding that Mwonzora and his faction will not exist beyond 2023.

“Mwonzora’s MDC-T will not last beyond 2023. It is on its last leg of existence where they are just going to enjoy the political parties finance benefits deposited into their accounts on the basis that they are recognized by the courts but beyond that there is no existence for them,” said Mkono.

He added that Mwonzora is desperately trying to maintain relevance in his efforts to continue with national dialogue.

“It is apparent that he is trying to seek relevance clearly when his political fortunes are on a down and his ship is sinking. The MDC-T as it stands now, has no social base, has no support base and it simply exist on the basis of a court order and court papers cannot vote.”

The opposition leader’s party is currently facing enormous challenges. Mwonzora recalled members of MDC-Alliance formerly led by Nelson Chamisa. Creating the majority of the 17 wards that are up for grabs in the upcoming by-elections. The Nomination Court sat this week and Mwonzora’s party failed to field 12 of those 17 local wards

Last year Mwonzora’s party joined POLAD, a grouping of politicians who contested the 2018 presidential elections, that was set up by President Emerson Mnangagwa to collectively discuss ways of prospering the country. Some contestants who participated in the 2018 polls however declined to join POLAD.

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