CCEZ urges Chinese investors to adhere to national laws

Albert Chavhunduka

The Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in Zimbabwe (CCEZ) has urged the Chinese business community to adhere to laws, regulations and policies in order to promote a favorable investment climate for Chinese companies in the country.

In a statement, the Chinese organization said it is set to craft a code of conduct for its members outlining duties and obligations urging them to foster positive impact in their host communities.

“We call upon investors to develop a full knowledge in and strictly abide by Zimbabwean laws, regulations and policies, honestly adhere to agreements and contracts and carry out operations and production in accordance with laws and regulations. We call for compulsory and systematic training and examination to be provided by the Zimbabwean authorities for foreign investors in matters of compliance before approvals are given for investment projects,” read the statement.

CCEZ called on government to intervene in the ongoing disputes in some mining projects involving Chinese investments in the country.

“We support president Emerson Mnangagwa’s call for obtaining the consent of the local residents before starting any mining projects. We call on the Zimbabwean government agencies and local councils to pay more attention to and intervene in the current disputes arising from a few projects invested by Chinese citizens and bring all stakeholders to the table for adequate consultations and proper settlement of issues pertaining to the immediate interests of the people, such as relocations of local residents,” read the statement.

CCEZ urged government to first ensure that there is agreement with the local communities before granting projects to investors in order to avoid conflict.

“We call on the Zimbabwean government agencies and local councils to secure the agreement of the local community before granting any projects that may entail relocation or environmental risks. Pending the settlement of these issues and proper licensing, investors should not negotiate relocation agreements with residents, implement relocations or launch on-site works,” read the statement.

The organisation further called on its members to protect the rights and interests of their employees, protect the natural environment, historical and cultural heritage, fulfill social responsibilities and respect the countries cultural norms and traditions.

There has been increasing rhetoric against Chinese investments particularly from Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the country, with President Mnangagwa reiterating that investments from the Asian country are most welcome.

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