Elections Watch: Meet Cde Stan(Hatfield/Waterfalls)

Albert Chavhunduka.

As the country prepares for a ‘mini election’ in the name of by-elections to be held next month, a lot of candidates vying for different positions and for different political parties across the divide are trying to market themselves to prospective voters.

This week, Hatfield and Waterfalls residents are in for a treat. Reveal and Mail ran into one of your candidates running for the councilor’s office in Ward 23 under the banner of the newly formed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa.

Below is a snippet of an interview between Review and Mail (RM) and Ward 23 candidate Stanley Manyenga (SM) popularly known as Cde Stan.

RM: Who is comrade Stan?

Stanley M Manyenga is a member of the citizens’ coalition for change (CCC) I stay in Waterfalls Ward 23 at 162 Masosthla Ndlovu Prospect Waterfalls Harare. I attended school at both Churchill high and Speciss College. Currently at Catholic University doing a degree in business management.

In the 2018 harmonised elections, I received overwhelming votes as a Ward 23 councillor under the leadership of Advocate Nelson Chamisa before the recalls spearheaded by Mr Mwonzora after a court judgement that robbed the majority of the citizens in Ward 23 of their representative in council.

RM: What do you have in store for the people in your ward if you are voted into office come March 26.

We intend to pursue unfinished projects, businesses that had commenced when I was in office, overseeing our ward improving to became a better place. What do I mean? Firstly, we need to deal with the health issue. As you all know our waterfalls clinic has been renovated to accommodate more patients in an environment conducive and safe for everyone including the workers. We’ve had borehole and solar installations together with the building of a boundary wall. 

Secondly, water has been a crisis and we installed boreholes to try and curb the issue to do with water shortages while a lot of places needed new pipes and valves, we managed to repair some of the pipes and some areas received tap water after a long time. While we kept mobilising well-wishers and donors to help us, the likes of Goal in fixing our boreholes.

Also, the issue of refuse collection has to be dealt with. After discovering that only 5 compact trucks were carrying refuse around Harare. As Ward 23 we incorporated the Clean City initiative to help collect refuse in our Ward.

The issue to do with roads and lighting has been a disaster since the takeover by (ZINARA).  However, during my time in office we had given our first 7 major roads that needed over haul repair and others that needed pothole filling before they got worse and during that time we would push for gravel while waiting for the actual repair.

We had canvassed for the major roads in the ward that use public transport to have street lights. Streets such as Masotsha were lightened, and we were pushing for robots at the intersection of First and Masotsha, also a robot at Masotsha and Simon Mazorodze and even First Street and Waterfalls Avenue.

Fourth, is the recreation center the community. For this, we had found a place in prospect that we had reserved and was approved and up to now it awaits development. I will also make sure that I assist the less privileged children to get scholarships.  Our district office also requires renovations. I will make sure it gets refurbished and painted together with the library.

RM: What are the urgent and crucial things that you think need addressing if you’re voted back as councelor?

First thing is the Waterfalls Sports Club. I inherited a major issue in terms of what used to be a known Recreational Centre in ward 23 Waterfalls as the sports club. When I came into office my mission with the help of the citizens in Derbyshire was to bring the council to account on what had happen to the sports club which was partially turned into a school and the other part into residential stands.

The other issue is the Steal Brand Company. Houghton Park is in a haphazard situation because of that company. Together with the citizens we had managed to petition, to meet the environment committee and we were still perusing and want to bring closure to the matter.

RM: What makes you different from your rivals?

The fact that I’m well versed with the issues that need to be done and on how to solve them.

RM: What message do you have for your electorate and supporters in your ward?

We are the genuine alternative government in waiting with citizens at heart. We stand for the people and we are for the people.

RM: What needs to be done to ensure the promotion of development and progress in waterfalls?

I think the residents need to come together and work hand in hand with each other. So that they become the centre of everything and every decision in the ward

RM: Where do you see yourself after 26 March?

I see myself back in office with the citizens at the centre of doing things and making decisions

RM: Why should people in Waterfalls vote for CCC?

Because we are the new, the game changers, the alternative, and the citizens are the owners.

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