Author speaks on penning Zimdancehall book

Fitzgerald Munyoro

In the libraries of music, there are countless songs that speak of the love affair that exists between the artist and the genre in which he or she he dabbles.

Songs such as “Love of My life” by Erykah Badu, “Used to Love H.E.R” by Common and Nobody can stop Reggae by Lucky Dube to mention but a few, speak of the affection and passion that drives artists to pursue music as a career choice.

For fans, their love for the music is expressed in a much different manner, they buy albums, attend shows and cheer their favourite musicians and sometimes they sing along to their favorite songs.

However, for Paul Sibanda a.k.a Mr Sibbz his love for Zimdancehall music has inspired the writer in him to pen a book titled Zimdancehall made me.

Review and Mail(RM) recently caught with [Paul Sibanda (PS)to understand why he thinks and feels that Zimdancehall made him.

R&M: What are your earliest memories of music and who did you listen to growing up?

PS:  My earliest memories of music was the popular music of in the early 90s. Locally I listened to Zig Zag Band and Bundu Boys.

Later on the wave of international music started to spread and I started listening to the likes of 2Pac, Notorious BIG, Sizzla Kalonji, TOK and other artists in Jamaican and American urban music.

R&M: When did you fall in love with Zimdancehall music?

PS: I started appreciating Zimdancehall music around 2014 but I only liked about one or two artists. Those artists were Winky D,Killer T and Freeman .I really resonated with their message and i was impressed by their artistry.

R&M: From your formative years, do you think you have always been a writer?

PS:Not really but I have always loved reading and writing here and there, However  it was in 2017 that I became serious and saw that I had potential to really write something solid.

R&M: What inspired you to then write the book Zimdancehall made me and why do you feel that it made you?

PS: First of all, I was moved by the sheer impact that the genre made on the ghetto youths.Rarely in the history of urban music have we seen a genre that has impacted and utied an age group in the manner that Zimdancehall did and continues to do.

The genre is the soundtrack that best exemplifies the emotions and feelings of modern generations. This is what inspired me to write this book and feel that it is the genre that really shaped me.

R&M: Zimdancehall has been blamed for encouraging a lot of social ills such as drug abuse amongst others, what do you think about that?

PS: It is true that Zimdancehall music has encouraged social ills but it is also true that there are also artists who have been the voice of reason and positivity. The likes of Tocky Vibes, Freeman, Killer T and others are beacons of hope for a generation that many feel are lost.

R&M: Do you think there is enough literature that speaks about our local music?

PS: There is very few local music literature to a point that those in the academic space are finding it difficult to write their thesis. I really feel that we can do more to document and tell more stories about our music.

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