Botswana relaxes Covid-19 controls at border

Botswana has scrapped the requirement for travellers into the country to have had a booster shot for them to be deemed to have been fully vaccinated.
In a statement last Friday, the country’s Ministry of Health and Wellness said travellers who would have completed the primary two dose vaccine series would be considered fully vaccinated and allowed entry into the Southern African country without having to produce PCR test results.
“Due to discordant periods for taking booster shots between Botswana and other countries, and for purposes of smoothening international travel, the definition of being fully vaccinated in Botswana will no longer include a booster shot,” the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry said.
It said those who were partially vaccinated or had not been vaccinated at all would be required to present a negative PRC test result taken within 72 hours and would also be required to undergo COVID-19 testing at port of entry at their own cost.
“If negative, they will be allowed to proceed into the country. If positive, they will be isolated in the district of the port of entry at own cost and allowed to proceed into the country only after recovery,” read part of the statement.
The statement went on to say that those not fully vaccinated and not willing to unndergo a COVID test would be charged and fined or are taken to court.
It said the removal of boosters from the requirements did not take away the importance of booster shots and encouraged those eligible to take boosters to do so to keep their immunity against COVID-19 high.
The Ministry urged members of the public to continue observing laid down regulations for prevention of the pandemic.
Thousands of Zimbabweans, majority of them cross-border traders, cross into Botswana everyday mainly through the Plumtree border post.
Botswana is one of the few African countries with the lowest number of COVID-19 cases

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