China guarantees Zimbabwe enough COVID-19 vaccines

Albert Chavhunduka

China has guaranteed the Zimbabwe government that it has enough Covid-19 vaccines and booster jabs to speed the country’s efforts to achieve its herd immunity plan and effectively control the pandemic by the end of 2022.

An official from the Chinese embassy in Harare Counsellor Cheng Yan applauded government for successfully controlling the pandemic and said that China will continue to support government’s initiative.

 “…Applaud the Zimbabwe government for effective pandemic control. Vaccines from China are enough for Zimbabwean herd immunity plan and booster jabs. We encourage Zimbabwean friends to actively respond to the government efforts of vaccine administration,” said Counsellor Cheng.

As a testament of the cordial relations between Harare and Beijing, since the devastating Covid-19 was reported in the country, China has been generously providing both technical and material assistance to compliment the country’s efforts to deal with the pandemic.

Early this year, President Emerson Mnangagwa said China would be donating another 10 million doses of its Covid-19 vaccine over the course of the year and Zimbabwe will receive 12 million doses by year end, which are among the highest per capita in Africa.

Zimbabwe has one of the best Covid-19 management programmes in Africa after having received four batches of vaccine doses from China since the start of the vaccination programme.

At a ZANU-PF rally held in Chitungwiza recently, president Mnangagwa reminded the people of Zimbabwe of the country’s achievements in managing the pandemic in defiance predictions that had been put forward by the West that over three million Zimbabweans would die of Covid-19.

So far, over a fifth of the country’s population of approximately 15 million has been fully vaccinated by vaccines either purchased or donated by China while a third of Zimbabweans have received at least a single dose of the Chinese vaccine.

According to the Ministry of Health as at 25 March, a total of 4 810 690 people have been vaccinated against Covid-19 across the country.

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