Covid-19 virus origin question, biological war and corporate profits

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The latest revelations that a unique genetic code of the Covid-19 virus was patented by the large Western pharmaceutical company, Moderna, three years before the discovery of the disease throws fresh questions regarding the origins of the deadly virus.

In particular, the revelations – sensationally made by the UK’s Daily Mail last month – point to human agency and tinkering with the virus which otherwise previously occurred naturally in animals before its deadly zoonotic crossover disaster.

The latest revelations add to the existing more of theories about the origins of the disease. Most importantly, they vindicate China’s calls for a broader “origins tracing”, including opening up Western biolabs and military facilities for investigations on how their programmes could have possibly have led to the outbreak of the virus through deliberate or accidental leak.

China has singled out the United States of America as the country which may have to field some questions because of its questionable military experiments with dangerous pathogens at home and abroad.

Just recently, it was revealed that the US ran biological weapons programmes in Ukraine, evidence of which the US tried to destroy following the military action by Russia in Ukraine.

Russia managed to recover information from deleted emails that indicated US’ collaboration with Ukraine on dangerous experiments that involved the manipulation of natural disease strains and pathogens found in animals to attack humans and cause diseases such as flus and ebola.

There is now little doubt that Covid-19 was meant to be made either an agent in a biological war, or be the biological war itself.

Typical of many wars instigated by Western powers,  Covid-19 has had very high rates of casualties, and it has been civilians that have suffered disproportionately.

Already, the deaths and destruction caused by Covid-19 have been comparable to the two World Wars.

The global reach of the disease and it’s devastation bears no less semblance to a state of a world war.

Could all this have been planned?

Corporate question

There are strong indications that it was largely anticipated that the world would face a devastating pandemic of apocalyptic disease that could wipe out humanity.

In the Western entertainment sector, for example, a number of movies were made that predicted a disaster scenario like Covid-19. This is no coincidence because a majority of Western movies are works of intelligence and propaganda. In this case the movies meant to “condition” people’s minds about the possibility of a biological disaster. It is like softening the target. Such movies include

“World War Z” (2013) which is about a worldwide zombie virus apocalypse that sees death of half the world’s population and cripling of governments and “Outbreak” (1995) about deadly airborne virus running rampant in a small California town, with health experts fighting to find a vaccine while the military seeks to harness the disease and a chemical weapon.

The most shocking of them is probably the movie “Contagion” (2011) whose plot involves a woman who contracts a flu-like virus from a Chinese meat market and catches what the movie calls the MEV-1 virus leading to a global carnage similar to the one currently being experienced. 

These issues, like other concerns about virus origins cannot be simply dismissed as mere conspiracy theories .

In fact, the revelations about Moderna have been described as “a smoking gun”.

What is most interesting about the Moderna issue is that it tells us about the deeper collaboration between war mongers and the corporate sector.

Whereas in military wars, the military-indistrial complex benefit from the supply of hardware and other aspects of the war economy, in the biological-chemical disaster that Covid-19 has become, Big Pharma or simply humongous pharmaceutical companies have benefitted.

This could be the reason why Moderna patented a COVID genetic code a whole three years before the outbreak – ostensibly for cancer research.

It proceeded to be among the first to develop a vaccine. In fact, there were lots of questions regarding how fast companies developed the vaccine for what appeared to be a complex and intractable disease.

Demonstrably, Moderna has made a killing out of developing the vaccine.

According to a report on Al Jazeera the vaccine maker’s vaccine is one of the most lucrative medicines of all time, bringing in nearly $18bn in revenue for the company in a single year.

The article says: “Even more astonishing than the sales figures is the profit Moderna made.  According to company accounts, they brought in $13bn in pre-tax profits. That comes to $36m a day throughout 2021, giving Moderna a profit margin of around 70 percent. It’s the kind of margin which you should find on  luxury consumables, not essential medicines.”

Outrageously, while experts have calculated that Moderna’s vaccine could be produced for as little as $2.85 a dose, it is the most expensive vaccine on the market, averaging between $19 and $24, but costing up to $37 a dose to some countries.

This highlights nothing but war-time profiteering and disaster inflation.

With this information, it is clear that the narrow focus pursued by some global interests to pin the origins of Covid-19 on China without exhausting all possibilities is an attempt to smear China and hide the hideous truth – which is yet to be uncovered fully – about the true origins and interests behind the pandemic.

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