Has Holy 10 hit the ceiling?

Fitzgerald Munyoro

The speaker of the truth and the leader of the youth has temporarily paused ongoing lyrical hostilities with former friend turned rival Voltz JT to return to his reflective roots with the release of a song titled Gamu Part 1.

The song is canonical story which details the trials and tribulations of a girl called Gamu, a character which he previously introduced in the song Mwana Ndakubirai.

In the aforementioned song, Holy 10 sheds more light on the Gamuchirai character, a girl who is allured by the temptations of the rich and famous but lacks the means to support that lifestyle.

He takes on the persona of Gamu’s boyfriend and discusses the challenges that he is facing in order to satisfy Gamu’s expensive tastes.

Overally, the song message is crisp and Holy 10’s lyrical prowess is on full display.the new song is eerily similar to music he has made before.

Holy 10 seems to be beating from the same drum, the subject matter, the beat and the content quality are subjects he has discussed before in Amai and Machills.

Questions have to be asked, is the pint sized rapper running out of things to rap about.

In an industry where re invention is a key ingredient, Holy 10 seems to be struggling with re-inventing the wheel.

Gamu’s video is available on Youtube and currently has over 250k views.

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