Leadership squabbles rattle Dynamos FC

Tawanda Munthali

Dynamos Football Club(FC) have been rocked by new episodes of leadership disputes.

 The football giant’s clubs’ ownership wrangle took a new twist after former players convened to elect a board of trustees that was later disapproved by the Bernard Marriot led administration.

The Marriot administration has been under scrutiny from other members of the club as there have been questions on how Marriot got hold of 51 percent of the shares of the club.

This led former Dembare players to convene a meeting where they reconstituted the electoral college and elect club legend Ernest Kamba as chairman of the new board of trustees whilst roping in Sunday Chidzambwa as the vice-chairman of the board of trustees.

The board voted for by the players also has Cremio Mapfumo as treasurer and Eric Aisam as secretary.

The 10-member board of trustees also includes David George, Moses Chunga, Clayton Munemo, Labani Kandi, Makwinji Soma-Phiri and Ignatius Kapfunde.

The former players insisted the meeting was legally binding as it was held under the club’s founding constitution of 1963.

 However, in Marriot’s camp the meeting was a non-event since the 1963 constitution and the electoral college were no longer in existence.

Harare lawyer Fungai Nyamayaro, the secretary of the Dembare board under Marriot’s administration, said the resolutions made at the meeting held by the former players have no effect in the running of the club.

Marriot insists that the player’s convention is null and void

 “Whatever resolutions that were made and committees formed have no bearing on Dynamos Football Club,” Nyamayaro said.

Nyamayaro added that the 1963 constitution was no longer in existence.

He said it was repealed when Dynamos Football Club was registered as a company.

 The team is now being regulated by the provisions of the Companies Act and the memos and articles of association. Proper procedures were followed when Dynamos was registered as a company.

“Dynamos was registered as a company in January 1999 by its founding members Josiah Akende, Richard Chiminya, Alois Mesikano, and Bernard Marriot-Lusengo and ever since, there hasn’t been any electroral college meeting as the electoral college no longer exits,” said Nyamayaro.

However according to the players, the board of trustees, was elected by the electoral college in accordance with the club’s founding constitution of 1963.

The meeting held by the former players started off by confirming the electoral college, which in turn elected the board of trustees.

The former player’s board of trustees chairman elect Ernest Kamba said the meeting was a success because they achieved what they wanted and they also set the tone for the future of the club.

“Dynamos’ existence should be perpetual. We realised that we have been losing members due to death and we incorporated younger members into the electoral college to ensure continuity. It’s sad that for many years the constitution was never followed.’

The Chief Justice Malaba judgment said we should go back to the 1963 constitution and start from there,” said Kamba.

The ownership structures at Dynamos have always been a bone of contention between the former players as the control of the club has been a sensitive subject.

 Over the years, the club has based most of its functions on the constitution drawn up by the founding fathers in 1963.

Ironically beyond the boardroom, Dynamos are reaping benefits of their marriages with a number of corporates companies.

Recently their main sponsor energy company, Sakunda Holdings acquired the lease for Rufaro Stadium.

 Rufaro stadium has been been a sanctuary for one of the most decorated team in the country.

Many fans of the club are hoping that the continuous leadership squabbles will not lead the sponsors away from the team.

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