Russian ambassador calls for New World Order to counter USA hegemony

Albert Chavhunduka

Zimbabwe and Russia are working on coordinated efforts in the international arena to come up with a new world order designed to deny Western countries an opportunity to dictate and forcefully impose themselves on independent and sovereign states.

Tensions have been on the rise in Europe following Russia’s military operation in Ukraine which began over a month ago leading to the U.S, EU and UK imposing sanctions on Russian businesses and other wealthy individuals.

The impact of the sanctions is already taking effect in Russia and their ripple effect has been felt globally, reverberating across many economies which have since seen soaring prices of basic goods and energy products.

Recently, China as well has threatened to retaliate against the US threats of a new round of sanctions that targeted Chinese officials calling it an interference in its domestic affairs.

In an interview with the Review and Mail, Russian ambassador to Zimbabwe Nikolai Krasilnikov said it is time that Moscow and Harare establish a new world order that deprives Western countries a chance to dictate and interfere with the internal politics of independent states.

“For many years Moscow and Harare have been coordinating efforts in the international arena to establish and strengthen a new system of international relations based on respect of the UN Charter, international law, principles of sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs of states,” said Ambassador Krasilnikov.

“So it will be a new order where the Western countries will be denied an opportunity to dictate and impose by force their will on independent and sovereign states. President Emerson Mnangagwa has come to a conclusion that there was a new world order emerging that required a new mindset and new approaches. I have every reason to assure you that Russia and Zimbabwe are on the same page in this regard.”

The Russian diplomat however assured government that despite the ongoing tensions in Europe, Moscow will continue to fulfil its bilateral obligations and continue doing business with Zimbabwe.

“Two flagships of our investment cooperation, Great Dyke Investment for developing platinum group of metals and ALROSA-Zimbabwe for exploring diamonds, are well on track with very good prospects.

“I’m sure that other projects will follow due to the great interest in Russia to do business in the safe, conducive environment of Zimbabwe under the new dispensation. ICT, agriculture, energy, transport, pharmaceuticals are the spheres in the focus of attention.

Ambassador Krasilnikov said the bilateral agenda includeed preparing the Fourth Session of the Joint Commission on Economic, Trade, Scientific and Technical Cooperation, adding that within that framework, the two countries would discuss ways of enhancing partnership between the independent and sovereign states.

Russian Ambassador Nikolai Krasilnkov

Harare and Moscow have maintained strong economic and political ties which go way back to 1980, and both countries have in the past vetoed a UN resolution imposing UN sanctions on Zimbabwe which was proposed by both the US and UK in 2008.

Early this month, Zimbabwe together with countries like China, South Africa and more than 30 others abstained from the anti-Russia vote at the emergency session called by the UN Security Council.

The decision by Zimbabwe was made on the belief that isolating Russia through the imposition of unilateral sanctions was not the right way to deal with the instability issue in East Europe.

The sanctions imposed on Russia have impacted negatively on the economy of Zimbabwe, which has received significant investment from the Eastern European country and imports some of its basic requirements from that country.

Economist, Prosper Chitambara indicated that the Russia-Ukraine conflict was one of the biggest geo-political development that has impacted on Zimbabwe’s economy as it affected the global supply chains and production of key commodities such as wheat and crude oil.

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