SRC undecided on basketball board controversial election

Shelly Guni

Almost two months after the controversial Basketball Union of Zimbabwe (BUZ) election was held, the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) says investigations into the matter are still ongoing and no verdict or decision has yet to be reached.

The Harare Basketball Association together with losing secretary general candidate Sunny Mbofana in February raised a red flag over the January 29 elections in Gwanda in which President Joe Mujuru and Secretary General Charmaine Chamboko retained their posts.

They claimed that Mujuru and Chamboko allegedly contravened the SRC’s code of good governance by acting as an election commission during elections in which they were candidates.

It is further alleged that one province was barred from participating in the BUZ AGM at the last minute and that the whole process was fraught with irregularities.

SRC governance and compliance officer Charity Nyamayedenga observed the elections.

“The matter is under active consideration by the SRC and has activated processes to address the issues raised,” SRC acting director general, Sebastian Garikai said. 

Mashonaland Central is reported to have been disqualified from the election in what Mbofana described as “…a seemingly ‘game of numbers’ as they were perceived to be in support of opponents to the then executive.”

It also came to light that Chamboko who is also a member of the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee (ZOC) board was not supposed to have run for the elections.

The BUZ Constitution dictates that the association’s Secretary General may not hold any other office outside the association.

 “…We wish to seek intervention from your esteemed commission by way of nullifying what we opine to be shambolic, shameful and fraudulent elections,” wrote the Harare Basketball Association in a letter to SRC.

Mbofana in his own individual capacity also wrote a complaint to the SRC in which he bemoaned the perennial problems at the BUZ.

 “The case of the Basketball Union of Zimbabwe (BUZ) has been a thorny issue for years now with all the cries falling on deaf ears. They have always gone to elections without and if at all with dubious reports both in terms of financial and progress reports.  Election processes are flawed and manipulated to benefit a few who feel the game is their personal project,” read part of his letter.

“This is the case today because there has never been any meaningful fight to the contrary for so many years and with the authorities not seemingly paying attention.”

“We hope and trust SRC is doing a proper job and would need a bit of time to ventilate everything. I trust, SRC being a serious government institution would never let the culprits off the hook with these glaring manipulations and misdemeanors by the Joe Mujuru led executive,” he said.

Mbofana also added that “The BUZ Executive made a number of changes to the constitution and went on to implement some of these things before they completed the required process of getting the changes and new constitution registered and approved by the authorities at SRC.

 Some changes that were made to the Constitution include the inclusion of NAPH and NASH as provinces coming in with extra votes.

 There were lots of issues around this; the head of NAPH was never involved in all the processes only to be advised by a third party on the morning of the election.

BUZ Executive either slept on duty again or made a deliberate ploy to have a ‘friend’ participate and vote for them.

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