Bana Des As prepare new album

Congolese Rhumba band, Bana Des As, is putting final touches to its latest studio album, which has been tentatively titled, Bana Congo (The Children of Congo).

The outfit, that has found home in Zimbabwe over the years and performs as resident band at Zim Café in Harare, is set to cement its place as the most consistent act in the genre in the country with new music set to warm lovers of the beat this winter.

The new offering will be six songs and will be the fourth album.

Speaking to Review & Mail recently, band manager John Mushetu revealed that he looked forward to the new album lifting the fortunes of the group, following the Covid-19 pandemic that has disrupted the music and entertainment business in the past two years.

“To say the truth, things have been tough because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the review of the regulations have allowed us to perform maybe until midnight,” he said.

He explained that things have been tough for the band because it currently doesn’t have a promoter.

“If you do not have a promoter you face some challenges, but we are trying to do our best and push on our own and so far it’s working,” he said, optimistically.

The band performs every Friday at Zim Café, along Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, with plans to have more slots at the weekend at the same venue.

Recently, the band started performing on Sunday at the same venue for a feature called, Sunday Braai.

Bana Des As also plays around the country in places such as Murewa, Masvingo, Victoria Falls, Gwanda and Bulawayo.

Mushetu said in light of new music influences, the industry had become tougher, but believed that rhumba still maintained a loyal fan base.

Younger audiences, he said, were loving the music.

Faced with challenges, Mushetu believes that sheer hard work will pay off.

“It’s a bit hard but if you have a willing heart and passion for your work, you don’t see the difficulties but look for more strategies so that you can come out on top,” Mushetu said.

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