Cancer survival rate expected to improve-Chinese medical analysts

Albert Chavhunduka

Survival rate for patients with gastrointestinal cancer at Parirenyatwa Hospital, the country’s largest referral hospital, is expected to improve owing to early detection and early treatment of the deadly disease, the Chinese Medical Team has said.

According to Global Cancer Observatory data, cancer is among the leading diseases causing deaths in Zimbabwe and in 2020, out of 16 083 diagnosed cases, 10 676 cancer patients died due to the disease.

In a statement on twitter, the China Medical Team said new technologies being used at Parirenyatwa hospital are set to promote the early detection and treatment of the disease and increase survival rates in patients.

“Survival rates for patients with gastrointestinal cancer are low in Zimbabwe. With the help of Chinese doctors, gastroenteroscopy has been carried out at Parirenyatwa Hospital. This will comprehensively improve the early detection, early treatment and survival rate of cancer,” read the statement.

The new Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture Centre is further working closely in partnership with Parirenyatwa hospital to introduce the use of Chinese traditional medicines and acupuncture for the treatment of diseases.

“After the renovation, the Zimbabwe-China TCM Acupuncture Center will accept more people every day as well as provide high-quality TCM acupuncture services for local people,” the China Medical Team said.

This China Medical Team is the 19th batch of medical personnel from China working with Parirenyatwa hospital.

It consists of a cohort of specialists from different fields including Traditional Chinese Medicine specialists, a urologist, a cardiologist, a general surgeon, a respiratory specialist, a radiologist, an orthopaedic surgeon and an anaesthetist.

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