Chamisa targets rural vote in 2023 elections

Albert Chavhunduka

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa says his party, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) will be the next government and they are currently working tooth and nail to improve their fortunes and win the rural areas ahead of the 2023 elections.

In an editorial published in the Newsday, Chamisa celebrated his party’s victory and majority win in the urban contested seats during last month’s polls saying they were a confidence boost and stamp of approval by the citizens, but expressed concern over the CCC performance in the rural areas.

However, in what seems to be confirmation of the view that the March 26 by-elections were a fight for the post of the country’s official and legitimate opposition, Chamisa further celebrated his party’s win over internecine opponents whom he said were surrogates.

“The citizens have corrected the democratic anomaly that was caused by the oppressors and their surrogates over the past two years.

” Our mantra is citizens at the centre, citizens first in everything including policy-making, law making and all decision making. As a Citizens Movement, the coaches of our train are many and open to everyone, there is not first class or economy,” he said.

He added;

“With the pretenders out of the way, we must now work hard to make sure that we deliver victory in 2023.

” The by-elections victory has demonstrated that even when the odds are against us, we can still prevail and we are confident that we shall prevail. We won these by-elections against all odds and we will seal our victory in 2023.

” We will win in large numbers, let’s do it. Let’s win big. CCC is the next government of Zimbabwe.”

Although applauding his party’s performance in urban constituencies, Chamisa expressed concern over the rural vote which he said the CCC desperately needed in order to claim victory against ZANU-PF in next year’s election.

“I know that while we performed very well in urban areas, there are concerns over the rural areas. We are going to work very hard over the next months to enhance our fortunes countrywide and our performance at the next elections. It is a myth that rural areas belong to ZANU-PF,” said Chamisa.

“We know it is a myth because we have won in various provinces with many rural constituencies before and we are going to win again. We are committed to building a stronger and mutually enriching relationship with citizens in rural areas just as we have established a long-lasting relationship with the urban communities.

“Now that the by-elections are over and we have made our political statement, over the next months, we will be focusing on building our party structures across the country and building a robust leadership machinery that will take us through to the 2023 elections.

” We commend those who have been elected to carry out their mandates with the seriousness they deserve.”

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