Emmanuel crucified…as Makandiwa Easter sermon divides followers

Popular cleric and United Family International Church (UFIC) founder Emmanuel Makandiwa has divided his followers after praising President Emmerson Mnangagwa in his Easter sermon on Saturday.
President Mnangagwa, First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa and Deputy President Constantino Chiwenga attended Makandiwa’s church service in Chitungwiza.
During the sermon, Makandiwa effusively praised Mnangagwa, his policies and work.
Government propaganda immediately hung onto every word, with social media awash with various clips of the lickspittle gospel, which did not go down well with some of Makandiwa’s followers.
“I love your leadership. Your God given ability to concentrate on your work while people talk negative things is beyond measure. You are blessed,” Makandiwa said, in part.
Makandiwa went on to say that Mnangagwa would win the 2023 elections even if he did not campaign because his work in developing the country was evident.
Makandiwa said the high unemployment rate currently prevailing in the country was not of the President or government’s making.
“It is never the responsibility of Government to create jobs for you. The creation of an environment is their responsibility so that you & I prosper & we have that opportunity in Zimbabwe. There is something wrong with a citizen who keeps complaining & shifting blame,” he said.
Instead of criticising the government, Makandiwa said, people should focus on the development it was carrying out across the country.
However, Makandiwa’s sentiments appeared to have have invited the ire of a section of his followers – although he won praise in some quarters.
On Twitter some commentators said Makandiwa was singing for his supper as he benefitted from patronage from the government and was trying to protect his empire.
“Africa was made poor by such stupidity. Lazy to read Bible because they wait for Makandiwa to lie to them. Such type of people who believe that charlatans such as Makandiwa, Magaya, Passion Java and other foolish one called Heavenly commander make ZanuPF rule,” said one Twitter user.
A self-proclaimed member of the UFIC who spoke on condition of anonymity said what Makandiwa said was right because it was coming not from Makandiwa but from God.
“This man does not speak his mind, he only speaks what God tells him, so there is no way we should disagree with what he says,” he said.
Another follower tweeted; “Today I saw how and why the man of God @prmakandiwa has risen to the position he is today. It’s God’s plan”
On the other hand, a follower said there was nothing wrong with what Makndiwa said, adding that President Mnagagwa had a right to attend whatever church he so wished.

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