GMAZ refutes claims of continued bread price increases

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The Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) has refuted statements circulating on social media that bread prices in the country will continue to rise if the Ukraine-Russia war persists.

Prices of commodity goods and other services have been soaring since the war started in Europe and a standard loaf of bread now costs more than US$2 after its price shot up by 30 percent to $345.

According to GMAZ, Zimbabwe was currently consuming 16 000 tonnes of bread flour per month and approximately 1,2 million loaves of bread per day.

In a statement on twitter, GMAZ dismissed messages that are circulating on social media that the price of bread will continue to increase if the war in Ukraine does not end.

“GMAZ dismisses statements on social media that our Chairman said bread prices will continue rising if the political instability in Ukraine continues. GMAZ never issued such a statement. GMAZ remains committed to ensuring food security at affordable prices,” read the statement.

Last week, GMAZ increased the price of maize and wheat by 50 percent and 17,8 percent respectively.

With the official exchange rate at US$1: $150, it means the country’s loaf of bread is now the world’s most expensive dough.

Recently, Musara however warned of possible bread shortages in the country as a result of the move by the Ukrainian army to suspend loading of shipping vessels to South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

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