RBZ set to introduce new $100 note

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The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe have revealed that plans are in motion to introduce a new $100 Zimbabwean dollar note.

This was revealed in a notice flighted by RBZ that detailed the physical appearance of the note.

RBZ said the note will be brown in colour and made of cotton paper.

The memo further says that the new $100 note will have the Zimbabwean bird as it’s watermark.

The specific roll out date of the $100 note has not been specified.

The introduction of the note comes as no surprise as RBZ had foreshadowed the coming of new notes in 2021.

In another noticed issued in 2021, the RBZ approved the gradual introduction of $50,$100 and $200 note as a means of managing inflation and mitigating cash shortages.

The last note to be issued out by the RBZ governor was the $50 note 50 note that was introduced into circulation on the 7th of July 2021 .

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