SRC not concerned about non compliant sports associations

Shelly Guni

The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) says they are not concerned about the lesser number of fully compliant National Sports Associations (NSAs) for the year end 2021.

It has emerged that out of the 62 NSAs, only 5 are fully compliant, 36 are partially compliant with 19 NSAs not compliant with SRC for the 2022 season

This was revealed during the first quarterly meeting held March 24, 2022.

SRC acting director general Sebastian Garikai says they are working with the non- compliant NSAs to ensure that they comply.

Although the SRC Act compels NSAs should to be properly administered, the sports management body appears to have shown no concern with the low rate of compliance within Associations.

“Whilst there are five fully compliant NSA’s as at 21 March 2022, this is not an area of concern as National Sport Associations are working with the Sports and Recreation Commission’s Legal and Compliance department in this regard, “he said.

Garikai further explains that for an association to be fully compliant, there are a number of factors to be considered.

“There is a pathway to being fully compliant which involves several stages. 

“Compliance in the Sports and Recreation sector is not a straight jacket approach. There are various elements that must be satisfied by National Sport Associations.”

“It is therefore important to note that some of the conditions for being fully compliant require that NSA conduct certain activities which are seasonal and also vary from one association to another.”

“According to the Sports and Recreation Commission Act (Chapter 25:15), all National Associations (NSAs) have an obligation to submit the following Statutory and Administrative Returns to the SRC at the end of the NA’s Financial Year in order to be deemed fully compliant.

(a)Statutory Returns:

(i) A report on its activities the year just ended;

(ii) An audited balance sheet and income and expenditure account for that year;

(iii) Estimates of income and expenditure for the coming year;

(iv) Annual membership submitted and annual levy paid for the year just ended.

(b) Administrative Returns:

(i) Annual General Meeting Minutes for the year just ended;

(ii) Annual Calendar of Activities for the coming year;

(c) Operator’s License renewed

The SRC, however, could not disclose the names of those associations that are either compliant or not compliant.

“There are several factors that must be considered in reviewing these numbers. Chief amongst them is whether or not National Sporting Associations are capacitated to ensure that they are able to meet all requirements,” he said.

“SRC is on a continuous engagement drive with National Sporting Associations which will realise an increase in fully compliant NSA’s.

“This engagement involves identifying and tailor-making remedies including implementing capacity building initiatives specific to an NSA and its operations.

By year end 2019, only three NSAs were fully compliant with 48 having partially complied, while 12 were not compliant.

“By year end 2020, the total number of fully and partially compliant NSAs was 51 with 62 registered NSA’s, an 82% compliance level.

“This was due to the efforts by SRC in facilitating, capacitation and assisting NSAs in their specific pathways to compliance.

“For 2022, we anticipate to close the year at a compliance level of 85% and above as the results from the several initiatives currently underway to ensure all NSA’s are fully compliant have started to yield results,” he said.

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