UN speaks out against Elvis Nyathi murder and xenophobia

The United Nations has aired it’s growing concern about the ongoing violence, intimidation and harassment against foreigners in South Africa and has urged the government to act against violations of human rights.

This was brought to light by the acting head of the UN in South Africa, Ayodele Odusola, particularly the brutal killing of Elvis Nyathi, the Zimbabwean father of four who was beaten and burnt to death in Diepsloot outside Johannesburg last Wednesday.

“It is deeply worrisome and unfortunate that this is happening in a country with one of the most inclusive constitutions globally,” said Odusola.  

The UN representative added;

“Over the recent past we have noted with deep concern as movements such as Operation Dudula are illegally forcing people suspected to be undocumented foreign nationals to show their papers. Our thoughts are with the family of Mr Nyathi and with all of those families affected by similar violence in the recent months.”

in a separate statement the UN reiterated that the South African government had ratified several international human rights and refugee instruments that were also an integral part of national law:

“This requires that the human rights of all persons residing in South Africa, regardless of their nationality or immigration status, must be respected. This includes individuals who may be refugees, asylum seekers or stateless persons.”

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