GVT ends ZUPCO monopoly

Albert Chavhunduka

President Emerson Mnangagwa says government is proceeding to liberalise the public transport system and allow other players to operate and compliment ZUPCO as well as allowing duty-free importation of buses for 12 months which will ease the public transport challenges.

The move comes after weeks of ZUPCO’s failure to meet the huge demand for public transport after the ZRP initiated a national blitz against illegal public transporters which resulted in the remaining few pirate taxis charging passengers exorbitant fares.

In his speech last night, President Mnangagwa said government had decided to open the public transport system to other players which gave an end to ZUPCO’s monopoly and urged the police to ensure that there is law and order on the roads.

“Government is proceeding to open up the public transport system for other players in order to complement the services being provided by ZUPCO in line with reduction in Covid-19 cases and the subsequent opening up of the economy,” said President Mnangagwa.

“The liberalisation of the public transport system shall be done under terms and conditions to be published by Government. To complement the above, Government will allow for the duty free importation for a period of 12 months, for vehicles which meet regulations to be issued.

“The police would need to ensure that law and order is adhered to as the behaviour on our roads needs to be seriously attended to. Non adherence to the rules and regulations to be gazetted would not be tolerated.”

This week, the Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) had given government a 24-hour ultimatum to ensure that it addressed the ongoing public transport crisis which had left thousands of commuters stranded across the country.

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