Israel is generous to Palestinians: Amb Musan

Albert Chavhunduka

Zimbabwe’s Honorary Consul to Israel, Ambassador Ronny Levi Musan says the claims by Palestine that Israel is an extremist state which deserves international condemnation are a distortion of reality and attempts to discredit Israel which has been generous to the Palestinian people.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has witnessed an increase in violence since March, with Palestinians targeting Israeli cities and the Israeli government responding by shooting and arresting Palestinians across the West Bank.

A number of Israelis and Palestinians have so far been killed since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan through what has been seen as a surge of deadly attacks since 2016.

Ambassador Musan refuted allegations that Israel was committing human atrocities against the Palestinian people and said that it was actually the Israeli government that supported  the Palestinian people including with financial aid.

“To make a claim that Israel is behaving horribly towards the Palestinians is to see reality in a distorted way. Today, members of the Israeli government are distinctly pro-Palestinian parties,” said Musan.

“These parties have signed an agreement with the Israeli government to receive a budget of NIS53 billion (US$ 16.5 billion) for the benefit of the Palestinian sector in Israel.

“Show me one country in the world that would agree to pay monthly salary and lots of benefits to its Arab / Palestinian Parliament Members who hate her and want to destroy her? It’s happened in Israel!”

Ambassador Musan said those speaking negatively about Israel should look at the welfare of Palestinians who live and work in Israel which should give a picture of the Israeli-Palestinian relationship.

“If Israel is behaving horribly towards Palestinians, please ask any Palestinian living in Israel or working in Israel, whether he/she is willing to return his/her Israeli identity card and waive the monthly social security payments he/she receives from the State of Israel, or alternatively return his/her employment license in Israel which allows them to earn 10 times more than they earn in the Palestinian Authority. We’ll start with that and then we’ll continue,” he said.

Recently, Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Zimbabwe Tamer Almassri said he was disappointed by the lack of reaction and failure by the international community to quickly act against Israel’s aggression in Palestine.

Almassri went further and slammed the international community for its lack of reaction in bringing the Israeli government to book and called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) and UN to urgently intervene in the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

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