Zindoga speaks on chances, hurdles

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Review & Mail founder and executive, Tichaona Zindoga, says media content creators should strive to engage in more collaborations and partnerships with industry players as this is crucial for their adaptation in a changing media landscape.

Zindoga, who is also the Ruzivo Media and Resource Centre Trust director, is a career journalist, entrepreneur and formerly Political, Deputy and  Acting Editor at The Herald, Zimbabwe’s largest newspaper until 2019.

He founded Review & Mail, which is Zimbabwe’s fastest growing hybrid digital media  platform, in 2020.

In a talk under the Zimbabwe Entrepreneurial Journalism Programme titled, “Running Solo as A Journalism Creator in Zimbabwe: Chances and Hurdles”, Zindoga engaged other local content creators to share tips and challenges associated with content creation and entrepreneurship.

“Our parent organisation is Ruzivo Media and Resource Centre Trust. I incorporated this organisation this year in 2022 with the help of a few colleagues who are trustees in the project out of which we then incorporated Review and Mail media as an entity and as the direct employer and direct practitioner in terms of business, so my media model is that it’s highbred,” he said.

“We are actually running on four lenses, the first one is that we are producing media services and media productions of which Review & Mail is our flagship project. We are also going to be creating a lot of content for our partners because once we launch, we will see to it that we seek a lot of collaborations with a number of other players in the media industry, particularly verticals in terms of business and verticals in terms of other niche markets.

“We are also going to collaborate with mainstream media. Already we are creating content at the moment that has been published in other media for example in the Herald and Newsday. So the collaborative approach that we are taking is one of our key and distinctive approach as a media entity.” 

Zindoga outlined the importance of having business models that are not reliant only on traditional streams of revenue but to be creative and have other sustainable streams of revenue.

“We also want to say that in terms of the business, we are underpinned by some traditional revenue streams, in terms of advertising and marketing, but we are also trying a number of revenue streams that are not traditional but in line with our diversity plan,” he said.

“The business model is there and we are continuously updating and also evolving with the demands of the market. I’m happy to tell that at the moment, we have a model that will work and we’re continuously refining our approach towards it.”

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