About Us

1.1. We are an independent, critical and alternative media platform established in the year 2021, specializing in a combination of professional quality journalism, well-curated content from various contributors as well as authoritative interviews with a range of sources that make news locally and internationally.

1.2. Publishing on the web on www.reviewandmail.com as well as the weekly e-paper and supported by various multimedia/digital and social media platforms – including but not limited to WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, WeChat, and so on – our outputs are intended to stimulate and advance knowledge and ideas that empower individuals and the society at large.

1.3. We consider our work at Review & Mail as filling the gap in quality journalism in Zimbabwe in particular the reportage of diplomatic and foreign affairs, culture, economics and other specialized areas that have not been well-serviced by established media. In particular, Review & Mail seeks to give a voice to minority interests and communities as well as investors through media coverage and representations. In light of global information inequalities and dominance and imperialism of Western media and the pervasiveness and perversion of their values, Review & Mail and its allied products shall be a voice for Global South.

1.4. Our journalism ensures maximum deployment of skills and resources and therefore we ensure that all aspects of an issue are covered through special reports, multi-skill and multi-platform storytelling.

1.5. Our commitment to quality journalism enjoins us to continuously seek and impart training on best and current trends of the trade, therefore becoming a training hub for the benefit of journalists.

1.6. We strive to be an independent, non-partisan alternative platform that serves our clientele, in its diversity, well and timely.

1.7. As a media establishment, we are also dedicated to play the normative role to educate citizens, play a watchdog role through exposure of abuses and excesses of the powerful in society, including politicians and the corporate world.


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