All set for anti-sanctions gala on tonight

All roads will lead to Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex this evening for the anti-sanctions gala, where thousands of revellers are expected to attend in solidarity with calls for the removal of the illegal embargo on Zimbabwe.

The Herald reports that, the musical concert, starting from 6pm today until 6am tomorrow, will see musicians from various genres entertain the crowd, as a cap to the anti-sanctions activities that will be taking place across the country today.

October 25 was declared the SADC Anti-Sanctions Solidarity Day, where people from the region come together to make a point against the illegal sanctions that are not only affecting Zimbabwe’s progress, but the whole region.

This evening, an opportunity has been availed by the Government, through the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, for people to make their point against the illegal sanctions heard through the much-awaited concert.

The line-up of musicians is appetising, with most of the genres being represented at the concert, making Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex a hive of musical activity and the place to be this evening.

Serious music lovers cannot afford to miss this concert, that can easily pass as the best and biggest for the year considering the array of musicians that will perform.

It is undoubtedly a musical concert with a difference and is set to shake the whole of Chitungwiza.

Revellers from other areas and towns are also expected to travel to Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex for the concert that is hard to miss.

Apart from live performances, the concert will be beamed live to millions throughout the country by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.

And the line-up is made up of artistes known for their captivating stage works, who always leave their fans satisfied each time they take to the stage.

Take man-of-moment and top sungura singer Mark Ngwazi.

The youthful singer’s antics on stage, coupled with his entertaining lyrics and guitars will always leave people asking for more.

Suluman Chimbetu is another expert on stage, where his dancers’ routines can make even the lousiest dancer compelled to jump onto the dance floor.

Taking from his late father and dendera music kingpin, Simon Chimbetu, Suluman has never looked back since taking over the Orchestra Dendera Kings Band.

From the gospel music side, you have top musician Minister Michael Mahendere, who is known for his perfection when it comes to live performances.

Mahendere’s music cuts across the divide, with the message for all, both Christians and non-Christians.

Tonight, he is the man to watch, as no one can afford to miss his performance.

Then from Bulawayo, Sandra Ndebele will hold fort, and she needs no introduction when it comes to excellent dances and organisation on stage.

Sandra is a tried and tested stage performer who does not struggle to entertain.

Then, still from the city of kings and queens (Bulawayo), we have Madlela Skhobokhobo.

We all know him by his antics on stage, carrying his trade mark axe on the shoulder, leaping into the air at the sound of his music, while leading his band in song and dance.

Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria, Leonard Zhakata, Agatha Murudzwa, Mathias Mhere and Iyasa Dance Group, well, these are veterans in the game whose performance appear new on each outing.

For Chief Hwenje, combining those jingles we know him for with his songs will be a marvel to watch today.

Then comes Zimdancehall performers, the latest crop of musicians to take Zimbabwe by storm.

There will be Killer T, Jah Master, Bazooka, DJ Fantan and Levels and Dadza D to dish out danceable tunes to the revellers.

Those at Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex will have a chance to dance and mingle with these fresh faces on the local musical scene whose tunes compel everyone to draw nearer to the stage.

There will be a chance to watch a lot more artistes who will be at handy to dish out their best at the anti-sanctions, with the line-up too strong for any serious music lover to miss.

The musical concert will run under the theme, “Enhancing Zimbabwe’s resilience through economic engagement and re-engagement”.

Earlier in the day, President Mnangagwa would have led the nation in commemorating the SADC Anti-Sanctions Solidarity Day, which was adopted by the 39th SADC Summit held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in August 2019.

Since then, SADC countries and some African and other friendly global nations, have taken advantage of October 25 to embark on various activities including marches and speeches, all aimed at demanding the removal of illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Western nations, led by the United States and the United Kingdom.

Since November 24, 2017, President Mnangagwa has been driving the engagement and re-engagement drive, with all countries that had cut ties with Zimbabwe, under the mantra, “Friend to all, enemy to none”.

The gala comes at a time when the bulk of the progressive world has increased calls for the removal of sanctions. – The Herald

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