Baba Harare shares fitness journey

Shelly Guni

Jiti musician Baba Harare, real name Braveman Chizvino, is definitely fitness goals.

His nine years fitness journey is one fit of a novel or better yet, a reality TV series. He said all thanks to hard work, dedication and the trolls that he now has a body he desires.

The former Jah Prayzah band member said there’s no denying that staying physically fit and active was quintessential to one’s overall well-being.

He added that one of the key aspects of fitness was consistency.

Taking to his twitter account, he shared his fitness journey

“When I came into the industry, I wanted to make music and play the guitar full stop.

“Life was simple back then. We used to wear uniforms at work and there was no room for personal style. I liked that because there was no pressure.

“Being part of a band also allows you to fade into the background as the focus naturally falls on the band leader.

“Also during my time as a band member social media was not as prominent as it is now. We did not have pages dedicated to known people and their lifestyles.”

Baba Harare said although he was keen on fitness and bodybuilding, he never took it too seriously and would only visit the gym when he felt like, and that affected his progress.

In 2017, Baba Harare started his solo career after parting ways with Jah Prayzah.

Although he was not sure about the future of his career, he had done a little survey and knew what was awaiting him in the entertainment industry.

“When I started my solo career, I was not a novice. I had done the circuit before, so I knew the challenges that lay ahead. I guess because the future of my career was not entirely in my hands, I chose to focus on what I had control over, my body.”

He said the body didn’t come easy, he had to toil for it.

“I have always loved weightlifting but personal trainers and nutritionists weren’t within my budget. So I would go to the gym even after sadza and potatoes and hope for the best.”

Baba Harare said what crippled people was that they placed other people’s happiness ahead of their own.

He said he faced so much abuse on social media. He felt his body was looking like an animation named Johnny Bravo, which has a carrot-like shape.

And despite having developed a very thick skin, he would not stomach some of the comments he would get.

“I have very thick skin (in this industry you have to) but some of the comments stung akomana. 

“And one thing about trolls is that they are relentless, if they find a gap vanoshamula naro. For these trolls my legs were their favourite bone to pick on.”

He however believes the trolls came as a blessing in disguise as he started to get help from the professionals in the fitness industry.

“I was fortunate that from the same cesspit of toxicity is where I found a personal trainer and nutritionist.

“Cheers, trolls makagona because well-wishers started inboxing me tips, meal plans and routines. Very useful tips on how shredding works and all other things I didn’t know.”

“My legs are eventually catching on. But those within the fitness community will attest that leg day is torture, but we soldier on.”

Baba Harare concludes by saying,” I have my personal opinions on body shaming. I will reserve them to myself as I am not well versed on the topic. I will just say body image issues are real issues and sadly they affect everyone- trolls included

“I am health and weight conscious. In my opinion there is a correlation between physical and mental health. So self-care to me is not just looking good but also feeling good,” he says.

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