Botswana enthusiastic about space allocation at Liberation Museum

Phillipa Jaja

Botswana has accepted Zimbabwe’s offer of one acre of land to erect a monument at the Museum of African Liberation in order that it may tell its liberation story.

This was revealed by a special convoy sent to inform the President of the Republic of Botswana about the Museum Liberation who also presented a draft Memorandum of Understanding for the government of Botswana’s consideration.

The envoy was also tasked with finding ways of opening up avenues for partnership in terms of mobilisation of political and financial support for the project.President M.E.K. Masisi commended the gesture saying it was timeous enough as his country was in the process of lobbying for recognition towards its part in the liberation of Southern Africa.

“Botswana’s role in the liberation of its neighbours has been underplayed for years and it is an opportune time that the country gets to relay its role in liberating Southern Africa.”

He also praised the project’s edutainment value saying it would reach out to the young in understanding Africa liberation struggle.

He further expressed hope in a border less Southern Africa in the spirit of brotherhood.

Head of delegation ambassador Simbarashe Mumbengegwi stressed that President Emerson Mnangagwa felt that Botswana deserved a place at the Museum since its role as a silent supporter of the liberation had never been acknowledged.

“Botswana played an important role in the liberation of Southern Africa through tactically aiding various liberation leaders and fighters, but has not received credit for being a silent yet tactful front-line country. It assisted liberation fighters with food and shelter, and also made a pretence at arresting fighters in their territory but would later release them quietly.”

The Museum of Liberation is 12% complete with a part of it already open to the public.

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