Chapel far from moving on

Belinda Mucheuki

Socialite and business lady based in the UK, Olinda Chapel shocked social media by saying she is inviting Stunner to her High Tea event just to show him what he lost by breaking up with her.

“I have been waiting for five years to do this. Kutodedza munhu kuhigh tea kuti anyatsoona kuti this could be you but you play too much ndobva ndati kuna baba Nandi Baby take my hand,” said Olinda Chapel.

The move to invite Stunner received mixed reactions as people thought it showed she had moved on while some thought it is a way of getting her ex-husband close to her.

“Money got power, all husbands under one roof,” said one of her Facebook followers.

“All negative comments while she is securing the bag. She invited Stunner on purpose knowing very well that a lot of people will attend. She’s a smart hustler,” commented another follower on OC’s post when she announced the male artists who will perform at her event.

Recently the two had a live video call and Olinda Chapel reminded Stunner that he once body shamed him and now he is the one getting fat.

“I took your advice that year yekuti I can’t be this fat…, God is a God of balance hona masimbiro aurikuita soo watova nechidumbu,” said Olinda Chapel.

OC recently had her second wedding with Tytan Skhokho Nkomo and is eager to show her ex-husband who is currently single that she is making it in life.

Fans expressed that they were disappointed by Olinda’s intentions and it now seem as if she is lives to hurt Stunner.

“Tytan and his tolerance for constant disrespect is beyond shocking,” said Justin Kamfewa.

“So your weight loss was not about you, it was all to prove to an ex. You actually went through surgery to prove to Stunner?”  asked another fan.

“So Tytan is there just to make Stunner jealous? A whole marriage just to hurt your ex? Stunner lives rent free in this woman 24\7,” said yet another follower.

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