Mwonzora an ED Project, says George Charamba

Chris Mahove(Acting Editor)

Presidential spokesperson, George Charamba, has sensationally claimed that MDC-T leader, Douglas Mwonzora was captured by the State to split the opposition and advance the idea of consociational politics under the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD).

Charamba, writing in his weekly column in the State-run Herald newspaper Saturday, under the pseudonym “Jamwanda3”, revealed that Mwonzora became a useful tool because of  “political literacy” and willingness to go full throttle against MDC rivals, in particular Nelson Chamisa.

The State had earlier earmarked Thokhozani Khupe for the role, but she was considered too soft and detached, according to Charamba.

Previously, the State had dangled a position for Chamisa as “leader of opposition in Parliament”, but Chamisa refused to take role, ostensibly because he was advised against it by his inner circle.

“Having created POLAD, ZANU-PF needed an ideologue who would run with, and elaborate on, the concept, through sheer logic and cogency of argument,” Charamba wrote at the weekend.

“ZANU-PF’s goal is to insert a new mores in our politics where elections are followed by a de-escalation, all to allow national consensus, national focus and national effort towards betterment of Zimbabweans.

“That goal needed validation and echo from its opposite number, something well beyond Khupe conceptually. It needed the agile mind of Mwonzora, who swiftly outgunned Chamisa into an outcast, the black sheep of the Zimbabwe political family,” wrote Charamba.

He said with Mwonzora at the helm of the MDC, a new politics held promise.

He would quickly move to destroy Chamisa.

“Even Western Embassies could not brush aside Mwonzora’s arguments for converged politics. Beyond this elaboration, the legally adept Mwonzora became a two track menace to Chamisa.

“In a series of legal moves, he rendered Chamisa homeless, both literally and figuratively.

Chamisa lost Harvest House. And with the subsequent loss of MDCT/Alliance names, Chamisa ceased to be his father’s son, deserving of any heirloom.

“He became a political Mubvandiripo (illegitimate child) – a political child from elsewhere brought into the fold of mummy’s second marriage. And he admitted to as much, birthing Triple C, his real paternity’s nickname. No DNA, test was even necessary.

The courts handled Tsvangirai’s political estate handsomely. This rebounds to Douglas Mwonzora,” Charamba wrote.

Following the internecine fights, Chamisa formed his own outfit, Citizens Coalition for Change, with distinct colours and symbols from the MDC family.

In the recently-held by-elections, however, Chamisa’s CCC emerged stronger for Mwonzora and his backing by the State, winning 19 seats in the MDC strongholds, although the party lost Epworth and Mutasa South to Zanu-PF.

The by-elections were mostly triggered by Mwonzora’s recall of Parliamentarians and councillors aligned to Chamisa.

The results, however, went Chamisa’s way, conferring legitimacy as popular  opposition leader.

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