Assistance for Parirenyatwa pulmonary and critical care dept

Albert Chavhunduka

The China Medical team in Zimbabwe held its first tele-consultation for the Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Project between Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital and Parirenyatwa Hospital, an initiative that will improve the level of diagnosis and treatment in the department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the hospital.

As part of its goals, the project seeks to promote the hospital through various ways which include technological transfer, telemedicine, drug and device donation, talents training and sharing of Chinese experience in the construction of key specialties.

Speaking while introducing the project content, head of the project and Respiratory Specialist Dr Fu Daiyan said the project will assist the hospital mainly in four aspects.

“Through the assistance in the following aspects, overall level of diagnosis and treatment is improved at Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine in Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals. Assist the hospital in improving the capability of diagnosis and treatment of Covid-19 and improve the technological level of Parirenyatwa hospital for airway management and respiratory support in severely-ill patients,” said Dr Fu.

“It will establish the telemedicine platform in Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals and clinical skills training platform at Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and carry out the normal training and remote consultation. The project will make a reciprocal visit between senior executives and specialists of both sides and establish long term cooperation mechanisms.”

As part of the partnership between the Ministry of Health and China, a batch of 20 local doctors at Parirenyatwa hospital are currently learning through a talent-search programme which is dedicated to teach the use of traditional Chinese medicines and acupuncture.

Head of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture Centre Dr Zhu Wei said the project is on course and is awaiting approval from the Ministry of Health.

“The MOU is not yet signed and once we have the paperwork signed between the Ministry of Health here in Zimbabwe and China, then the project can start. So we are just waiting for that signature, once they finish then they can start operations,” said Dr Zhu.

Dr Zhu said the project is set to benefit Parirenyatwa hospital by providing equipment that will help in the early diagnosis of pulmonary diseases.

“The project will provide some medical equipment to improve the early diagnosis of diseases which will help to slow the spread of such diseases and promote early treatment. This way, we can further make use of traditional Chinese medicines with the help of specialists we have from China who will provide professional treatment of patients,” he said.

Zimbabwe and China, said Dr Zhu, are set to enjoy more partnerships in the health sector which will further cement the existing relationship between the two countries.

“Through such projects, we can make a bridge of friendship between our two countries. We will have more Chinese people coming here to work and also the local people here in Zimbabwe going to China to study, improve their medical knowledge as well as benefit through various cultural exchange programmes,” said Dr Zhu.

Through the China-Zimbabwe cooperation, the China Medical Team recently donated medical equipment and supplies to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals to boost maternal Health and Child Care in the country.

This China Medical Team is the 19th batch of Chinese doctors to come to Zimbabwe since 1985, which is evident of the increasing medical cooperation and partnerships between the two countries.

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