Govt warns parents on enrolling children in unregistered schools


Parents who enroll their children at unregistered illegal colleges will face the wrath of the law the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has said.

This comes after the mushrooming of private colleges, Early Child Development (ECD) and infant schools across the country.

At least 38 private schools in Harare have been closed by the government for failing to regularise their operations.

In a statement released recently, closure for unregistered private schools is inevitable and anyone who sends their children to such institutions will be arrested.

  “ACT CAP 25:04 as amended in 2020 Amendment 9 subsection 18. Parents are warned against registering their children at unregistered illegal colleges, ECDs and infant schools as these will be closed down and the owners and parents who subject their children to unsafe conditions will be prosecuted,” the statement read.

Parents have been implored to first check for the required documents for a school to operate before registering their children.

“Therefore before enrolling our child at any private school and college check for the registration certificate and receipt for registration and guarantees or phone the nearest district and provincial office,” read the statement.

The ministry added that the Ministry of Primary and Secondary in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Child Care, ZRP and local authorities will be carrying out operations to close down such illegal and under resourced schools.

The ministry also warned against unilaterally hiking tuition fees despite a government directive to seek approval.

Thousands of students are at a risk of failing to sit for their examinations this year.

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