Malema on Zim sanctions

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South African opposition leader, Julius Malema, who fronts the Economic Freedom Front, says the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the USA and its allies in the early 2000’s were as a result of the land reform programme in the country and nothing else.

The US and its allies claim the sanctions were imposed on the country because of human rights abuses and the absence of rule of law in the Southern African country.

But the fiery EFF leader tweeted this weekend that Zimbabwe was struggling because it had done nothing wrong except to take the land from minority white farmers and distributing it among landless blacks.

“As a result, Zimbabwe is under sanctions and is unable to supply the most basic needs of our people,” he tweeted.

What is more, Julius Malema wasn’t always as accommodating towards Zimbabwean immigrants. Video footage – from around the same time the Tweet was posted – shows the former ANC Youth Leader telling migrants from Zim that they must ‘go back to their country’ and fight political oppression there.

Back in 2011, Malema told the National Press Club in Pretoria that the ‘willing buyer, willing seller’ concept in land sales should be done away with, describing at as nonsense and called for a land reform exercise similar to Zimbabwe’s Fast Track Land Reform Programme.

He called on the ANC to expropriate land in the country and not pay any compensation for it as it belonged to black South Africans.

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