Mosquito in last fight of career

Shelly Guni

Two-time Commonwealth flyweight champion, Alfonso ‘Mosquito’ Zvenyika, who in 1998 exceeded all expectations when he traveled to Ireland and defeated British competitor Paul Weir to win his maiden Commonwealth championship, will be making his final appearance in the boxing ring on October 1 this year.

Zvenyika will feature in an exhibition match against former commonwealth title contender Spencer Matsangura at the Harare International Conference Centre as curtain raisers when WBC Gold interim super bantamweight champion Kudakwashe Chiwandire trades leather with Mexican Zulina Munoz Chiwandire will be defending her belt which she won in February after beating Catherine Phiri in Lusaka Zambia.

Zvenyika believes his journey must stand as a lesson for other local sportspersons.

“I want the whole country to witness this day. The last fight of Mosquito. I know a lot of people have heard or read about me, this is the time to come and witness what Mosquito was all about.

“Mind you, Mosquito is a brand, getting into the ring means I have everything to defend, I am fighting for the brand and I have to defend and guard it jealously.

“It’s an exhibition match but a boxer remains a boxer, no matter how old they are so, I want to thank the Delta force boxing academy for giving me this opportunity to showcase my talent.

“I have always wanted this but never got the chance, and now that I have I need to use it well,” he says.

His has been a bittersweet life journey, but despite all that, he remains grateful.

The 45-year-old is forever indebted to his Savior for giving him a second chance to live again.

He only wished that if only he had the knowledge he has now during his fame and fortune days he could have done much better in life.

“Zvenyika’s professional career was effectively ruined by his imprisonment and a stroke he suffered while behind bars.”

I have spent time in a hooligan’s cell, a prison, and a hospital. I don’t want anyone else to fall into that hole,” Zvenyika says.

“For me life has been the greatest teacher. And I also believe that everything that happens in life happens for a reason. Whatever happened to me was meant to act as a lesson to other boxers. I always try to encourage these boxers to remain humble when success comes knocking at their doorsteps, because like milk, once it spills it’s gone.

“For me it’s never too late to start living right. I have gone through the worst in life but I still thank God for giving me another opportunity to make my life better.”

He says if it wasn’t for God, he could have been dead by now.

Zvenyika says most people fail to hold on to their success because of lack of guidance, adding that young boxers should do whatever they do with God in mind because sometimes they lack clear direction which is the reason why mostof them fail.

“I just wish that I can be able to inspire someone and also warn them to not take the route that I took.”

After the end of his fighting career, Zvinyika birthed Mosquito Boxing School of Excellence where he has been spending most of his time. 

“I have so many champions that have come out of my hands. Not that I am bragging but I know it’s a gift that God gave me. I will continue to impart the knowledge to young and upcoming boxers. I want them to go beyond what I myself achieved.

“A good teacher is always happy seeing his student succeed. I have one appeal to the outside world, which is to help me and the academy. I have the knowledge.”

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