Music Review:Kim Makumbe is “in love with her bestie”

Fitzgerald Munyoro

Finally, the elephant lurking in the room where modern relationships linger has been addressed!

In her latest offering “Bestie” ,budding songstress Kim Makumbe confronts the issue of close friends of the opposite sex who in modern lingo have been termed as “besties”.

The song could not have arrived at a much more perfect time.

In the modern landscape of courtship, besties have been sources of headaches and scrunity.

It is an evolution of human relationships that has left society with more questions than answers.

They are closer than brothers or sisters.They are protectors cum comforters and in some situations they can perform some boyfriend or girlfriend duties.

Kim Makumbe

Over the past few years, social media has been awash with stories of disgruntled girlfriends and boyfriend’s who have raised complaints over the role that “besties” play in the dynamics of romantic relationships?

Several questions have been raised; are they advisors? Are they second options who step up in the case that the current relationship has failed? Are they previous lovers who have become friends?

In her new song, Kim Makumbe tries to provide an insight into some of these inquests and it’s an answer that is dreaded the most; she is secretly in love with her bestie.

Despite the seemingly bad news for most couples dealing with the “bestie” factor in their relationship, the song is a pleasant listen.

Kim delivers a measured and subdued vocal performance over a very danceable Afro pop instrumental.

The toned down vocals are perhaps indicative of her reluctance to divulge the news that every one is afraid of hearing; that besties are secret love interests!!

A pleasant song that delivers a relevant message over a perfect beat.This song is an easy 8/10 from Kim Makumbe.

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