Rue Crafts sees beauty beyond wining and dining

Yeukai Tazira

For Rumbidzai Matimba growing up in Kuwadzana, one of the oldest suburbs of Harare was not a bed of roses.

The violence, limited opportunities and ravaging poverty that surrounded her would have broken down most people but these harsh realities served as a blast furnace experience which defined and refined her.

 As a teenager, Rumbidza Matimba found solace in craft design, a venture that paved way the way for a great success story.

Below is an interviewer between Review and Mail’s Yeukai Tazira(YT) and Rumbidzai Matimba (RM).

YT: Who is the person behind Rue Crafts Design

RM: My name is Rumbidzai Praise Matimba. I was born on 7 of March in 1996 in Mutare in a family of three girls and I happen to be the first born. I grew up in the ghetto and recently moved to Westgate

YT: When did you start craft designing?

RM: I started last year June during lockdown

YT: What inspired you to start this business?

RM: I was passionate with art since high school at Mabelreign Girls High. I then decided to pursue it in college at Harare Polytechnic. I used to see wine bottles lying around the street. One day during lockdown I decided to come up with designs and that was the birth of Rue Crafts Design

Some of the wine mural designs from Rue Craft

YT: How often do you make the designs?

RM: I make my products three times a week

YT: What challenges have you faced in the day to day running of your business?

RM: One of the challenges that I have faced is that customers sometimes request for colors that I do not have and cannot find in shops to a point where I get frustrated but I will keep on pushing

YT: Where do you see yourself in the future?

RM: By the grace of the Lord I hope to open my own shop in the near future

YT: What would you like to say to young ladies out there who are also aspire to start business ventures?

Rue says the Covid 19 pandemic forced her to concentrate on designing

RM: I would like to encourage them to identify their strengths first and have that hunger and passion for success. To those who are in the same line of work as mine, always know that in business there are ups and downs but you will get there some day.

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