Up close and personal with music prodigy Kimberly ‘Kim’ Makumbe

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She is hot. Her voice is silky and alluring, holding an obscure promise to take you on a journey of love.

There is also sophistication in the music, with a distinct African pop outlook with a Zimbabwean feel.

Kim Makumbe represents the future of Zimbabwean music – that’s a good guess. We sat down with her recently to hear about her career that is just beginning to blossom.

Review & Mail: Tell us about yourself and your music journey?
KM: Kim Makumbe, fully known as Kimberly Makumbe is a singer-songwriter, experimental pop artiste, voice over artist and so much more, based in Harare Zimbabwe.

I started my music journey officially in 2019, thanks to Tinder (yes, the dating app, you read right) but that’s a story for another day. For some reason I had been releasing one song per year since then, but I recently rebranded and I am working with an incredible team, so expect more fireworks from the Kim Makumbe Music brand. I am literally living my music dream come true, and everything I sang in my track called Time is the point I am at in my career.

RM: Your music sounds to me like a fusion of different influences but distinctly Zimbabwean. How would you describe your music in your own words? Do you stick to one beat or do you experiment with several?
KM: Spot on! I am an Experimental Pop artiste, meaning you can expect any sort of sound or genre from me whether it is something you have heard before or it’s a completely new sound.

My music is an experiment-Kim Makumbe(pictured)

RM: Who are your producers and which other artistes have you worked with before?
KM: I am currently working with the amazingly talented Rodney Beatz, one of Jah Prayzah’s esteemed producers. I worked with Afro Jazz artiste Batsirai Shasha before, but since the rebranding I have also been mingling with other big sharks in the industry, which is a surprise that I will reveal when I release more music.

RM: My view is that you have one of the most beautiful voices locally, but I also notice that you haven’t reached the levels that one can predict you could reach. First, tell me what your assessment of your progress is throughout your journey so far? What have been your successes and drawbacks?

KM: Thank you for the compliment! Well, it is only a matter of time in my opinion. Like I mentioned earlier, I was releasing one song per year due to mismanagement and lack of resources, but I have since started working with a dedicated team to build the Kim Makumbe Music brand and package the gift to deliver it as powerfully as I should. My backup is strong, so I am confident.
RM: What would you think it will take to reach the very top?
KM: Time. Only time. The journey has already begun, and with God on my side nothing is impossible.

RM: Do you have role models that you look up to locally and internationally? Do you see yourself hitting these levels?
KM: My role models change constantly depending on the goals I set for myself. At the same time, I also try to keep the journey as authentic and true to my personal experience as possible, so I would rather define success in my own way as opposed to following the footsteps of another person’s journey. So we could say I look up to every artiste who is staying true to their journey and succeeding in that regard.

RM: You’re working on some new stuff, I understand. What do you have in store, and what are you going to do differently in terms of production and marketing of the music?
Definitely more great music! I am going to be releasing singles for now, then an EP soon. The album will come once I have solidified my print in the industry. I am working with the Zim-UK based record label, Kloo Music, so not only am I working on making an impact locally but across the globe too, to represent my beautiful country on a global stage. That’s the goal, and it is working out pretty well. My last release, Time, was heard first on BBC Radio Leicester which is by far my biggest milestone yet. The next song was heard first yesterday on the biggest Zimbabwean radio station in the UK, Pamtengo Radio. From the streams and stats so far, the dream is surely in motion, and we will be celebrating more wins soon.

Kim’s single Time received heavy spins on BBC Leceister Radio

RM: Do you think you can live off your talent as a musician? Do you have any other things that you do?
KM: If one plays their cards right, music does pay big time in the long run. It is necessary to have various streams of income around or outside the industry. I also make commercial jingles and voice overs with different producers. Additionally, like most Zimbabweans, I have side hustles too. I sell luxury fragrances and other fun stuff.

RM: What are your plans for the  future? Do you have any major collaborations and acts that you think could shake the status quo
KM: Definitely! You will not see it coming. All I can say is stick around, it is going to be a fun ride with Kim Makumbe.
RM: Do you do performances for private and public show? How much have you done these and do you plan to become more visible?
KM: I have performed a few times before rebranding, and yes I am available for any private or public shows. I am currently working on increasing my discography so as to create a full experience for live performances. Soon enough, you will see me out there doing the most with my God-given gifts. After all, I was blessed to share them with the world.
Catch up with Kim on Twitter

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