‘Urban Tete’ chose to be the bigger person

Belinda T. Mucheuki

A pregnant woman was bullied on social media recently when her photoshoot pictures went viral on social media.

She posed for the pictures in lingerie in a way that was widely taken as imitating Rihanna who had semi-naked pictures all over social media during her pregnancy journey.

Most of the captions on different Facebook pages were captured ‘The broke version of Rihanna’ and many people dropped nasty comments criticising the lady.

“Ibenzi remukadzi I doubt anoziva baba vemimba iyi- I think she does not know the person who impregnated her,” said Andrew Hama Madziwa.

She has a dream of becoming Rihanna….Can’t you see that she is the broke version of Rihanna said one of the followers on the Zim Hmetro Facebook page.

Zim Hmetro Facebook page had gridded her pictures with Rihanna’s referring the former as pregnancy and hers as ‘pamuviri’ insinuating the poor nature of the other which cannot be given an English name.

Other people strongly expressed their disapproval of the bullying.

“Zim HMetro decided to bring down this pregnant girl to a laughing stock on social media. I totally understand that what she did was wrong and not proper but there was a better way to address her since as “Ladies and Women” know that she was trying to show off her pregnancy in style and in pride but unfortunately resources didn’t allow her,” said a Facebook user only identified as ProfShclleo Leo.

 “If you don’t have content, please just delete the page, why shaming people with what they can afford in life, not everyone is passion Java’s wife, at least she’s blessed enough to be pregnant,” said Dwayne Finidi Dodzo.

“Honestly speaking, such pictures should be confidential and l doubt if that lady is aware that her pictures leaked and l just don’t know how she is going to react upon finding out, what if she opt of doing the worst in life that is taking her life, won’t that person who leaked them live with guilty conscience, please let’s not post these pictures because by so doing we are publicizing that lady’s privacy,” said Martin Kuruma.

In all this, South Africa based socialite, Zuva Habane picked peace and used her influence to change the lady’s story and comfort her.

“Zuvanation will not be a part of the Laughing Squad! We are sister’s Keepers. Be kind to people you don’t know what they are going through. Please help me Find This Lady. @Royalpreggymamas is willing to sponsor full maternity Photoshoot She must call +2761 428 4390,” posted Zuva on her Facebook page and later managed to locate the lady and delivered on the promises while also showering her with gifts.

“A Candle does not lose anything by lightning another candle. Be kind to people you don’t know what they are going through. From Broke version of Rihanna to Dynamite mommy.  We are sister’s keepers,” added Zuva.

Many commended Zuva’s action including the people who previously laughed at the pregnant lady.

“People made fun of her and made her famous. Our own Rihanna. Thank you Zuva Urban Tete and Bello fab baby,” said 263Overload.

“May God continue bless, Zuva urban tete. This is very amazing,” said Sandrah Maphuxa Ngobeni

More people pledged to assist the lady in her pregnancy journey and others already sent her money.

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