Youths should be at the centre: Zinasu

Albert Chavunduka

Newly-elected Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) secretary general, Joseph Nyamayaro has urged the youths to be more involved on the national issues as it is the only way for them to determine
their future.

In an interview with Review and Mail, Nyamayaro encouraged the youths to play their part as major stakeholders in the country.

“Our message to the youths is that they should realise their power and participate in the national discourse and includes registering to vote.

Young people should realise that at the centre of our struggle is a counterproductive regime
which thrives in suppression of expression and civic space.

But the fight should continue each and every time. Young people in particular should be voted into
office,” said Nyamayaro.

Nyamaro called on government to ensure that it provides free and affordable education for everyone in the country.

“From now going forward, people should expect a ZINASU that is more vocal and engaging. We have faced situation whereby many students are not able to pay fees especially in higher and tertiary education,” he said.

ZINASU challenged female students to play their part and promote female participation
especially in national politics.

“We have inherited the union at a time when there are few or close to none female students participating in SRC elections and also national politics.

So it is now our mandate as ZINASU to ensure that we cascade the issue of female participation
starting from the grassroots to the top leadership,” said Nyamayaro.

Nyamayaro denounced the gross corruption cases being exposed in the country urging the youths to play their role in exposing corruption.

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